Kirsten Lockie


















The simplicity of her images produce a tangible calm and tranquillity on viewing.



              watercolour landscape


Lockies watercolours range from delicately washed rural vistas to the exploration of abstract “Earth, Horizon, Sky” minimalism.  They demonstrate a sensitivity towards the technique which she says has developed over the years due to the nature of watercolours themselves.







The use of subtle shaded washes, over lapping contours and silhouettes are typical of Lockies work.












“My relationship with watercolours is like a gentle spring breeze,

the song of summers nightingale, the softness of babies feet to ones lips.

It is a lifetime of joy I would happily do over again.”





“Colours collide and mingle, they float and settle, the voyage of their free nature then lay still,

a treasured lesson for all to learn”


























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